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How it all started...

Let me take you on a little journey back to 2018 when Producthero burst onto the scene! Picture this: two visionary amigos decided to join forces and make shopping dreams come true. A website where advertisers could present the best prices to consumers. Wouter Veenboer, the idea wizard, spilled the beans to Hans Wassink, the builder, over a round of drinks, and bam, the Producthero seed was planted!

They didn't stop at just planting the seed. Oh no, they went all out and built the first version of a price comparison website that had folks high-fiving left and right. And then, in swoops Martijn Beumer, the shopping ad maestro, who brought a truckload of expertise to the table. Together, they crafted tools that could make shopping advertisers do the happy dance while managing their campaigns like heroes.

Producthero went Turbo

Fast forward to when Google opened the doors to their CSS program, and guess what? Producthero went turbo! It spread like wildfire across Europe, making thousands of webshops jump on the bandwagon to supercharge their shopping ads. Agencies were like, "Whoa, these Producthero peeps are onto something!" They hopped on the hype train and started dishing out Producthero goodness to their own clients. And guess what? It was so good that loads of agencies joined the official Producthero Partner Program – they just couldn't resist the awesomeness.

But wait, there's more! The Producthero family didn't just stop growing – it exploded!

They stacked up their team with the finest minds, all in the name of dishing out top-tier support and wisdom to their customers. And where did this rollercoaster ride take place? None other than the groovy streets of Amsterdam, at Stadhouderskade 60. As the company sprouted, so did their offices – like, they needed more room to spread their wings, you know? So there you have it! From a casual chat over drinks to becoming the ultimate shopping sidekick, Producthero's story is like a rocket-powered rollercoaster of fun, adventure, and success. 🚀🎉

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